Chicken Sphinx

This was aero-pathetic.

There is one thing that can interfere with a U print, and that is the wave count.

The C leg of the correctice wave up was still missing.

Lots of traps were set for maximum damage.

The gap down made people cover shorts.

The break of the low made people take a loss on gapfill attemot longs. The shorts initiated at any point got killed with the violent run up to beyond the swing high. For good measure those in the know added at the 8EMO and the upper stratosphere bow backs.

This year has been brutal and it is not over yet.

The blue trendline got its requisite re-visit and the 4x stretch from the E9D was achieved once again.

I was busy trying to spot a wave 2 up instead of paying attention to the c_ cover level of the cotrection.

The s_ sell level was at 1.0482 – see image.

Sf = sztratoszfera, Sphinx = Szfinx

Look at how the slightest dip below the lower SF line was bought 2x

The U must arrive on cue or picture some moratorium when the print appears. 50 pips or so.

Until that Wave 2 up prints, the attrocities may not have ended.

Will insert some Pyramid images at home to add something in the title’s theme>

Projected distance of Wave A -> extension fill of Wave C