Deco Mission

If I were a top notch trader, I would start reading what I write.

From Meet The 3000 – 04th of November>

From Commuter Market? – 13th of November>

50% target filled.

What makes the commuter market commuter? The long term commute. The train like behavior VS the pendulum like.

Notice that the market only achieves stretches on the upside (typically 4x), then returns to the mean and never gets below the lower guard rail, which is a 1x stretch.

So, better definitions first. Decisive move.

(Goldie Locks yellow for target)

I was on the verge of saying it right yesterday.

I mentioned that a Decisive move is expected to have a 35-pip kick back.

What I really should had said was, if you see a pullback greater than 35 pips, then the Decisive move is voided.

At 40 pips I should had invested in the counter move. Yesterday and today was not an opportunity to suffer a 5k draw down, but to make 8k on a hedge position.

If you know what is a must for hedging, then you know what is worth trading.