Fold Back The Night

This is now becoming an everyday feature. I don’t know who or when or why invented it.

Figure 1:

After the Qanon print there was a Wave 5 up, then 5 waves down for a Wave 1. Once the core Wave 2 printed, a dirt box of liquidity was made beyond it. A box like this can be as wide as 50 pips. When they folded the Wave 2 onto itself they managed to push price another 40 pips out setting back the starting point of Wave 3.

Figure 2:

This wave 2 is the wave 2 of the Wave 3 down. Similarly, they folded the wave back and managed to push the rock back up the hill beyond the core point by 10 pips. It is a vain battle but they cause immense pain and panic with this unsustainable move. Against gravity, against momentum.

A hint as to where the air benders can take price to is a hourly 216-sample HL2 BBwith 2.5 standard deviation.

Unbreak my curls.

RSI and stochastic divergence.

Back to weekly S2 starting now.

Almost 50%