The Terminal Terminal

(bouncing off the trendline started by the megaphone of the bear market)

What is missing here?

Spare the tension, it is the show off top.

If you look at the previous terminal terminal, the was a little detail there.

Not only price managed to match the 2nd Check Point defined by the push, but managed to make a 25+ pips beat beyond that point. So despite of 2 weeks having been transpired, the ink may not be dry on that echo just yet.

Clue #2: flat top – drop.

Also known as three domes and a house on the peak.

The risk off level is 1.0899. A call in (25 pips into the move) would prompt an 80+ pips target.

Clue #3&4:

The market is sttaying with embedded daily stochastic. This cancels the downside momentum.

The reversal divergence may be extended to a 3rd peak. Price is currently bouncing off the 19 EMA.

Clue #5:

There should be some stretch printing from the Green River, we are simply squatting on it. A 3x stretch is at 1.0976, 4x is at 1.1015.

Clue #6:

The British Telecom on the downside makes for a terminal. Price bounced off violently from the dirt box made by the previous B print on the upside.

For a finale, we should see a B and up to 3 T-s. That is 4 different 4-hour fractals, all of them outside the 4-Hour 30-sample BB. Days out.

At last, there is the conditioning. They are keep on telling you that a 50 bp hike would be a surprise, and the market would sell off. What if the market would sell off, but not before that show off top print?

1.0977+25 pips?