RSI Divergence 4H

This version is a space-saver with added CI (consolidation strips).

The idea is that a reversal happens upon a divergence and a divergence sets up after beating an exhaustion level.

You make your own rules with this one.

Green strips printing meaning upside strength, yet it can also be the last flame to the upside.

Often, an opposing colour strip starts a move and the next one repeating the last colour ends it.

Be careful with wanting always to defy them. Evaluate the range on the RSI, did it go all the way from top to bottom/bottom to top (2 yellow lines plus) to make this a terminal move? Did it get high/low enough? (above/below the last yellow line)


– white strip: full charge – consolidations wrap around this level, I call it weight at times, when dealing with the (High+Low)/2 read, if there is no trend in place, a re-visit is a good bet
– green strip: upside exhaustion ”
– maroon strip: downside exhaustion

I did something here that I have not done before: some exhaustions are being filtered out for being “insignificant”

_RSI_Divergence_4H V1.2



As for re-visiting: both the white and the coloured strips are potential end points, and so they are points of interest. Bear in mind, that when one timeframe is becoming exhausted, the same moment a different timeframe may become fully energized. They are all terminals as well as starting points, call them spinning points.