Going the Distance

I promised the right thinking, and you get here nothing less.

The top was called perfectly by

36 Only V1.2 – in the downloads.

The second break was the key yet again.

I had to adjust my thinking and the RSI Divergence 4H routine ultimately to give me the 1-2 (starting and finishing exhaustion) signals in the right place. The new version is available from the previous blog post.

The improved thinking is this: exhaustion is not about crossing a level, it is about going the distance, regardless of the movement direction on the oscillator.


The accuracy with the combination of this knowledge and the Market Maker levels is mind blowing.

I was actually short yesterday, but only 1/6th of my full size at 1.2028, for the next Market Maker level up was 1.2027 and the highest tick was 1.2034 – I was within 6 pips of the peak!

I have been not even a full step behind of the ultimate knowledge. The distance just got slashed in half.

I will have some routines for sale in the future such as the Market Maker levels and some automated trading routines as well.