Boot Camp #3 – When You’re Ready

Last time we discussed the importance of a good shampoo: the wash out and the immediate go.


This after hours version plots up to 20 of the last heads as horizontal dashes and high lights the last one (in green). If you adjust the max lines to 1, that’s going to plot the last+1 line making the most current range clearly visible.


Leaving the max lines at 20 would reveal to you the cause for pause on a 4H:


We have always known what everybody was thinking when entering the market. They had money on their mind.

Now, that we’ve arrived at the conclusion, that not to lose your mind, you need to loose the head, let’s get going!

Get your boots and we’ll meet at the Camp.

The location of the camp sites is determined by how much time you have left before the night sets in. The camps are not the targets, the targets are the heads, but the camp sites are perfect for a relief, lightening the load, and in the morning you can pick up your left luggage and perhaps some extra refreshments.

To calculate the approximate distance of a camp, you need to know how much progress can you be making on average on foot per day = AVG daily ATR. This is based on the last 3 days of walking distances.


This was your orientation for the day. Change the colors if you want. F is of course Fully Recharged after proper rest & digestion.

Over and lights out!