Three Things


Small speculators dropped their shorts between the 14th and the 21st of November (report dates), and this should stop prices from progressing significantly higher for now.



Examples of how-to use the Market Maker Lines DC.


(the cyan to blue pads with red contour are Market Maker resistance levels, the yellowish/orange pads with blue contours are Market Maker supports.)

The very reason I picked up more longs by the close was the appearance of the support print at 1.1890.

You can see how easy it becomes to name a target: you open a position and then you hook them up to a resistance/support (depending on buy/sell) to get out by say mouse click and pull.


I don’t want to go into deep details of my auto hedging strategy, but as main points, here is this:

I engage in 2 kinds of trades only, Core trades and Casual/Chance Trades. Core trades are triggered by RSI divergences, while casual trades are prompted by low time frame adjusted RSI readings. The Core trades have RSI divergence exits and stops, whilst the Casual ones get triggered throughout the day by my auto trading routines and since they have no stops, they may also get a hedge position, and so when I get around to it, I would have to take them off together either with gains or with losses.

I can arrange for the MM DC for you at a price of $175.

I have in mind opening some shop here, where many of my auto trading routines would be available.



To give you something today, here is a semi-abandoned project, that has one feature, the “crack” that is note worthy:

The white squares are the violations of the ATR support, and after seeing 2 of those in a trend you can feel free to go in.