Momentum Divergence

Premium invention. Suggested use 5m-4h.

I know, I have been giving away various versions of the 36. The latest version had the RSI divergences included in it, and briefly I made available – at no charge – the D “DISPLAY” version that would call out the last head on the given time frame and help you out with what the next aim would be.

I am proud to present my newest upgrade,

– 36 Only V1.3 VRLDM –

that has the long sought EXIT condition for any trade is now included. The M stands for Momentum at the end, yes, there is MACD involvement, but a lot of sophisticated tricks (filters) on top of that. Visually they are the blue and yellow bull’s eyes.


It is for sale. $78 a piece. Of course it is worth it.





You’ll get future updates of course in case something changes.