The 8-Ball Levels

8 ball in here stands for

-> the one to tackle and

-> hard to crack

The idea is simply this: RSI 2 tracks the sudden moves, RSI 8 the regular ones.

If something is suddenly peak overbought within the overbought field, that location would remain something of an extreme, a divider. Same thing on the oversold side.

So, you are going to see these appearing from now on, and may make it into the current read field.

if (iRSI(NULL,0,2,PRICE_MEDIAN,i)>96.5 && Close[i]70) marker2[i]=High[i]+.001;
if (iRSI(NULL,0,2,PRICE_MEDIAN,i)LowBuffer3[i] ) marker2[i]=Low[i]-.001;


I guess if my last name was Carter, I would have come up with a more superstitious name for this, such as Woodoo Levels.


This of course takes us back to the EUR gap up of 2017.

Why was it necessary?