Boot Camp #5 – Timing is Money

A few things here first for I cannot remain without comments any longer.

I read this response tweet today by A.K. who is famous for bragging about his 90% fundamental, 10% technical trading method.

It was referred to Bitcoin, but overall was on an attack on T.A. itself.

“err no if you think something is goin down 100% or up 20,000% ,WTF does a candlestick or a moving average or an rsi or a doji or a wave have to do with anything? It is total BS.”

I personally think that any data in charted format can help with gaining more grasp on what is happening, and a technical indicator can help you with determining optimal entry and exit levels, hence they are providing you with an edge in the market.

I do understand the conviction part, I get it.

I have the following conclusion to draw from this: Raj must be trading options with your firm on A “fundamental basis”. Apple fundamentally is a pure straddle… Or was it a saddle?

Craig Severson is famous for his Iron Condor trades, which are non-directional plays. Yet, as supplementing income he would not pass on an good RSI2 trade, where ANY instrument closes with a below 2 RSI2 reading and play the long side immediately i.e. spy via the 2x leveraged SSO until the RSI2 gets back above 70 to get out and book profits (not that different from the Trin trade). Why would you pass out on the aid of the RSI?


Tell me, why not utilize something like my Channel Target indicator?


Is it a disadvantage to know a day ahead until when it is worth to hold your short/long for after a re-entry into the channel? What is wrong with making money easily? Of course, you may have X-Ray vision that can time travel into the future, and so you would be in possession of all these levels otherwise, on a 90% fundamental basis (a Singapore driver license definitely a good qualifier for this).

While we are at the topic, it is worth mentioning that the quoted person is selling education (the oldest scam in the book) with promo movies about vacation travels to kick off the pricey tuition period. Live it up, people!

Anybody who show you cars, vacations, wealth, watches, brags about money are scammers and so they should be avoided. If you hear anybody mentioning “price action”, run away immediately! As Simple Ton put it, “What happened to people’s brains? Did they turn into Mash?”

(Don’t even get me started on that low life Greg Secker…) John Carter? A seasoned sales man who can provide for his gambling habits in creative ways.

What about me? I share my knowledge and findings for free on this blog that I’m paying for. I code indicators and automated routines to aid my own trading, I share most things at no cost, and others I would only give out at for a small price. No one has ever purchased a single indicator from me, but that is not my loss.


Ok. Grumpy part over with. Different tone now.

Today you get to see the sun. We’ll pay a visit to the beach. Bring your camera too!

(after the arrival)

Let’s take in the scenery! A panoramic view everyone!


At once so much motion, the tide… is currently going out, the waves are full of strength!

The chart window shows the 4h divergences , the blue and yellow bulls eyes. These mean that some institution purchased / sold and by those points, this is obvious, measurable in the form of a momentum divergence.

The indicator window plays around with the idea that you may not need a lower low / higher high for a secondary divergence, it is enough to close up on that low/high.

You, as a Forex trader are nowhere on this scenery. When you buy or sell, you simply make a bet at your broker about the guessed direction of the price. You do not purchase anything just as a person who is betting on a horse, does not buy any piece of the animal.

If you happen to trade Euro futures, at least you purchase something. The right to sell or buy the Euro by a given time.

Once a 4h divergence was set, some institution stepped and took a position. This may be for speculative reason or because of getting out of a trade or simply to park the money in a lower risk currency temporarily. Either way, this would show up as a momentum divergence.

Now, we capture images of the waves. Set your exposure rate to 30m, gentlemen!


What do we see here? Morse? Yes! There are S.O.S. signals. No, they do not mean Save Our Souls. They mean Sign Of Strength. A sort of a prelude before the triplets.

Since we had a yellow 4H divergence, until that given level is broken, we are only interested in surfing the waves to the upside. Of course there can be another, opposing titan stepping up to the plate or the institute itself can roll out/reverse the position, but the price’s relationship to one single level would remain obvious.

Once you have an SOS sign, you want to get in on the coming wave as close to the previous low (that the SOS wave started from), as possible.

Then you need to stay in, but not over stay; wave 2 would be printing the left shoulder, and wave 3 would be the head/failure.

I just made an EA two days ago that licks through the open positions and hooks them up with a stop loss when it spots the 3rd push coming on strong (it reaches after the previous 15 min low minus 2 pips upon the fact that the position would be in gains by at least 5 pips – to pay for the dues of course).

As you can see, it is possible to know which wave you are in, and these end-of-wave signals can be plotted as well as the arrows for where the stop loss should be ratcheted closer.


I had 8 years of trading and asking an infinite number of why-s and trying every idea under the sun that yielded me this. I suggest you to listen, even if all of this costs you nothing but your attention. It cost me 200k in US.

Should have purchased a supercar, eh?

red check marks for SOS long entries…