Anyway The Wave Counts

No, not trying to be an E.W. analyst here. There some ideas that were admittedly first found/acknowledged by them.

This is RSI2 and the thinking it prompts.

A Wave has to go overbought/ oversold at its peak to be called a wave (in general, >75 or <28), and the end of wave is closing the distance (80->44 or 23->54)  (Froot Loops)

SOB = Shot over the Bow – Warning of a direction change


On the 4h, get an idea of the wave you are in. Think ahead, i.e. in a Wave 2 scale in to the direction of wave 1 to be present at Wave 3 – and you do not need to sell until an SOB shows up (normally a wave 4).

Wave 5 normally would exceed Wave 3 if the overall direction is

The 30 min, 15 min can give you further details about a consolidation, the direction of the break, etc.

On higher time frames the odds are low that an SOB would register.

I do not count the Waves on 1H, but it is good time frame for finding RSI(2) divergences.


I put the hand and sleeve markers in (sleeve buy / sleeve sell).











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