R.F.I.U. #2 – Ratio Hedger, MACD Cropper

Routines For Industrial Use #2

Two Routines again,

First, your Second Line of Defense.

This is your catastrophic hedge, when all else seemed to fail and your Equity/Account balance ratio managed to drop below your setting.


Keep in mind, that your Broker’s Market Makers would push up the spread during after hours, at the weekend open, at the US close and at turning points, which would have an effect on your Equity number and this would result in a very different E/A ratio, that may trigger you into a hedge.

I have seen 440+ points spread on occasions from Squared Financial, that provides 0.2 pips on average during trading hours for the EUR/USD pair.


The second thing to give you is the Limit Order deleter, aka


This routine clears out of the way all limit orders, that are not in line with last, 30-minute wind direction reading.

It does not touch the stop orders out of consideration for the Upside/Downside protection routines.

Like so: