(Un)Wavering Faith

Determined to get the ultimate understanding of the structure?

There just might be a way. Listen carefully. 9 years of research yielded me this.

  • What is a Wave 1? A Wave 1 starts beyond a root point and crosses back above it.


  • Was this a Wave 1? It could had been, but did not make it to exhaustion. Nor was it surpassed later.


  • How many exhaustions does a Wave 1 come with? Normally 1.


  • What happens upon an exhaustion? A pullback. Sometimes there is a beat as well.


  • The structure builds on these exhaustion points. They are not impenetrable, but with good odds would be utilized for a continuation opportunity.


  • Wave 3 becomes a wave 3 upon exceeding the Wave 1. Now, here is where it gets a little blurry. The first exhaustion starts the wave, the second is ending it. Should not this be called Wave 1 then?


  • No, this is a terminal point of a Wave completed. A Wave without number. Wave 3 would likely be presenting you with 3 (directional) exhaustion points, for every Complete Wave would have two different exhaustion points. It is a matter of grouping things. What is missing from this current Wave 3 then?


That’s right, the 2nd buying exhaustion point. What about Wave 5? How many exhaustions does that one come with? None. Their purpose is a beat and/or recharging the energy for the counter move to get started.

So, should you be expecting a gap down before you had the second buying exhaustion?


Somebody was asking about the previous wave structure down. Here it is:



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