88 Luftballons

Just started working on this. It would be a very valuable tool, for you would not need to stare out and try to figure if both the stochastic was oversold/overbought and the RSI 2 on which bar exactly, that had the high/low where exactly to place my line at… finger magic…


Pump my ride…

If this was Morse code, Wave C would be two dots. Period.

One feature becomes immediately visible: the double pump. Price stops dead in its tracks, effectively choking a Wave 3 and turning it into a Wave C. On a back-test, the inner 8-ball is going step up to prohibit from touching the outer eighter by proving to be hard ball for a Wave 2… Very low risk entry with stop beyond the outlier for a Wave 3 or a Wave C.

Two examples>



Although many of these lines are fractal lines as well, as you can see, they are much more aligned with the price movement; there are no surplus lines.

Why would be a program like this be worth $88 for you? Because of all the future relief that if would give you as well as all the mind expansion & useful indicators you have been receiving here for free.


This is gonna be awesome!



Fractal Lines combined with 88 Luftballons and My Root Lines on top for good measure>