15-min ATR Target Pro

Deal of the century!

$15 for a 15-min ATR Target Pro.

Email me for it to macdulio@yahoo.com

It has a MACD sensitive directional line plotted.

This is a rope for people who can’t seem to learn how to stay in a trade.

On occasions you may have both axles plotted, for the criteria is that either the last or the current MACD main / signal relationship has changed from negative / positive to the other.

The plotted lines are from the last qualifying low/high; you get to set the RSI2 values, the default is 15 and 85.

I’m suggesting plotting it on the hourly chart.

As you will find out, the target circles are more like the vertical line’s top to its bottom, and of course they shall be exceeded at times.

Reaching the target does not mean having to bet on the opposite direction heavily. It merely means that it would be a good idea to lighten up on your holdings.

New target shall be plotted upon a completed 15 min consolidation.

Plotting the starting point – the very thing you are trading away from – is the cheese on the cake.








Simultaneous plots: MACD is changing