Computer Aided Trading?

Yes.  That would be my answer.

C.A.T. is you and your EA-s trading the same account.

  • It consists of flexible, equity based algorithmic trade initiators that factor in your current open positions regardless of who opened the trade.
  • It has croppers to trim positions based on overheated conditions.
  • All positions must have stop losses.


So, my package currently has

Psar Trader

Genuine Trader

and E16-Trader

enlisted, and perhaps I shall add more later. They all open both longs and shorts. All orders are limit orders.


example for figuring size if there is already an open position in the direction:

if (nlongs==0) longsize = MathAbs(NormalizeDouble(MaxLots/2,2));
else longsize = MathAbs(NormalizeDouble(MaxLots/2-nlongs,2));

my maxsize calculation

extern double Leverage = 1.5;
extern double AF=1.3;
extern double LT=333;

double account = AccountEquity();
double MaxLots = NormalizeDouble(LT/3000000*account*AF*Leverage/StopLoss*260/2,2);


The targets and the stop losses are ATR based, so they change around, with Psar Trader being the exception with its static settings.

For croppers, I have an RSI2 cropper and a Darkest Hour Cropper. They both close out positions that are in gains by at least 15 pips. RSI2 is a 4h extreme and DH cropper utilizes the Darkest Hour condition from my DivergenceInterpreter plotter.

As you can guess, in order to have the margin percent under control, you would need to trade a single pair on this account.


I shall dedicate an account for this kind of mixed trading. I’ll keep you posted.


About the Genuine conditions – please try to figure what I spotted in these lows.



It has to do with the oscillator lines, and the way the price leaves the swing low. It is not a single comparison of values, but rather a sequence.

You may practice some more with the following examples: