Tie Off!

If only there was a way to know what the market is going to do today…

Let’s do some strip-search!

How could you have known what was gonna happen today?


The 3rd of June opened with a slight gap-up. The bias was neutral within the hourly cloud with slight upside bias for the long wick earlier and for those who had been trapped with shorts around the low 1.15-s.

What you should be looking for is the tie-off of a move!


Tie off already!



stoch[i+1]>stoch[i+2] && stoch[i+2]<23 && stoch[i+3]>stoch[i+2] && RSI2[i+2]>stoch[i+2] && RSI2[i+2]<RSI2[i+1] && stoch[i+1]>15


The distance (for R1 or S1) is always ATR, but to be elegant, you would need to know where to measure it from.


Oh yes, about the entry: it is the HL2 value of the peak causing candle currently. When selling is in 3rd gear, you would have to opt for the undercut.





Auto crimson ATR projection lines (last 100 sample)



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