RSI2 Spin

This blog entry is about an indicator I am developing for EUR/USD to have an accurate reading on what is going on. See, I am an internal conditions guy, and this is the most complex AI I have ever developed.

It understands embedding, counter trending, it has timing features, and it deals, it knows a heap of conditions I have managed to identify. If you want to gain edges, and comprehensive evaluation, nothing would beat this program.

To scare you away and prevent you from wasting your time reading any further, here is a snapshot of the looks of it:

What is on the screen then?

Upper half:

The thickness of the RSI 2 divergence field is 16 pips or 1/2 Flutctuation size of the EUR.

In opposition of what people call Swing Highs and Swing Lows, these are not levels that I don’t expect to be touched, but rather the ones that are always expected to be touched: you need an exit in mind upon entering a trade and these provide you exactly that by averaging the last two outer (modified) fractal values.

The black lines are a summary of levels that were prompted by wave 5 projections, later about this under “timing”.

Lower half:

The first thing to talk about of course is the Omegas.

Omega Master exists in an embedded market only. Embedding can be figured using my Comfort Levels indicator’s calculations. Omega Master accordingly switches off between Embedding and counter moves / counter trending.

The trending boxes in essence represent peak trending. An embedded market does not turn without reaching peak trending first.

The Omega calculation takes up about 1/5 of the 2500 line code. It understands “successful buying / selling” (slope of nope without going into overdrive), it knows when “upside/downside progress is useless” (Wyckoff thrust?).

The hand signals meant to draw attention to the steepness of a move. The idea is not so much opposing this move, but rather finding pairs of starting and ending a move.

The open hand would normally mean upside/downside progress is useless, but the ones above are exceptions, and don’t bear this warning, for the move itself managed to exceed the Fluctuation Maximum – the interpretation thus is temporary pause, a good area to get in on the move.

The arrows pointing up / down – they are warning signs that things may e about to change. There are ones placed a little higher, they changed the trading direction on the above image, but not the holding direction, and the one placed lower did change both: peak trending was achieved.


The purple shading and the W4? and the question mark are also warning signs, signalling the possible end of a wave 4 and placing the question marks further out; a white one at 1h 45 minutes away (filtered by RSI2 actual print) and a yellow one 2h 45 minutes away, for these are the likely points in time, by when the terminal end of Wave 5 is expected to be printed. (The “Tick” is to echo the Actual time (adjusted to your watch, not the server time) is by when you should be back from snorkeling, to be able to make the trade). Some Wave 4 warnings would line up with Wave 2s, so you should check into it yourself.

There are also 1-2-3 numbers plotted counting the directional waves with some basic understanding.

The 2, 4 counts on the omega are highlighting the rhythm to follow for entries.

The Ts (thrusts), just like the hands, show terminal length moves which can either be the starting or the ending of a move.

A successful buying can set a timer as well, and is plotted as a “Check mark” – see it on images coming up. The Slope Of Nope triangles are the plot of my 88 Luftballons Routine.

The golfers are similar to Sharpie prints (88 Luftballons) and show a quick act by either a bull or a bear party: they made a swing, that was potent enough to turn the price in under 30 minutes.

The smack / splash / cartoon speech plots are showing when a party managed to break the progress in under an hour, but it did take longer than 30 minutes.

The “+3”, “-3” marks should be interpreted as “buy” and “sell”, and the “C”-s mean Cover.


The magenta dash is an RSI2 divergence and so is the yellow one, but only the first kind gets plotted on the chart itself.

I have some intelligence breakdown of the market conditions on the white labels.

Thrust boxes are a plot of the 88 Lines indicator – I use these two in combinations.

Daily fuel limit is a plot by 15m ATR Targets or the ATR Limit 15 routines (free).

The Green River plot as well as Mr. Maroon comes with the LEMA30N routine (free).

Overdrive plots (they are the magenta stars here) equal to the Stochastic Bars Mixed (free) bar plots.