RSI2 Spin – Test EA

Somebody asked if RSI2 Spin was an EA, And about why do I call this artificial intelligence. This was the first part of my answer:

I refer to the complexity of figuring a direction, that could be deemed as artificial intelligence; I enter a lot of premises that would exceed the human mind’s capability to make a binary decision about.

You could make EAs out of the logic, but they may be late by 30 minutes, for they need settled values, otherwise you might get false triggers.

The second part was taking the AI as is and turning it into an EA.

I decided that it should close trades if both the Omega and the Omega Master are the same color (in consideration for the direction), and was not the case for the last print, and open a directional trade on the third alike print.

I lifted the target logic as is from my DDI trader that operates with the real swing levels for exits – as mentioned in the previous RSI2 Spin article.

I knew, that my auto trail stop would be running alongside, so I used the new codes, 0.2 and 3 for stop losses, that do not start trailing until 20 pips in gains.

The close out part had to be done by a cropper function, so this became the first ever instance of a 2 in one EA test, where a cropper is part of the EA, not a separate routine.

As for temporary draw downs, I am not at all worried, for I would be making on the opposite direction automatically by my Ratio Hedger initiating counter trades at different levels of draw downs starting from 15% (it would first slow down the equity draw down, then eventually reverse it). In the back test it is not possible to include other EAs.

I even adjusted the cropper part of the Omega trader to be able to close all but one micro lot from 3 out of the 4 kinds of hedges: the rope trade, the half hedge and the over hedge can now be automatically closed out upon a direction change (and leaving 1 micro lot would prevent them from being re-opened), the full hedge can not.

Of course, the sizing is current equity based, as it is on all of my routines.

Here is the first test, that had one weak spot:

Here is the second, optimized one a little larger size:

If you wanted an answer for the life, the universe and everything – here it is.

No clue why, but at times the test does not run for the whole period, it gets cut off like in this case.

Mixed feelings, I know… The world is my oyster, and I don’t even like sea food!

Had to give more credit to the successful buying since the last article.