Wishing on a Star (the indicator)

On this unusual Monday afternoon, with the highest ever recorded temperature in the UK for the month, in his grip (hype!) Macdulio was pondering to himself… Hmm… Everybody is talking about Fusion, maybe I should call my Trading Direction Plot on the bottom of the RSI2 indicator Fusion. And he saw, that this was good. And then he thought to himself: I could make an indicator that would be even better than a TradeMate! And then he quickly realized that any indicator on this planet was better than that. So he went on to do his own thing, as per usual.

It started out as an innocent pattern recognition among everything that looked like chaos. I noticed a recurring theme.

& I made a call based on these:

& since I was right, I made an indicator based on these:

& for the hell of it, I am going to make an EA out of it, yes.