Dear Reader,

I would like you to take a journey with me. A journey to the unknown, unexplored, to the unexplained. I can assure you it would be worthwhile.

Liberating would be an understatement.

I have broken every imaginable record before I managed to become profitable. (All the records I have not broken should be re-examined for credibility / authenticity.)

In this world of mine, there is no volunteering for losses. There is no hard work of hand drawing unlimited useless trend lines. There are no moving average crossovers, for there is but one moving average in the classic sense. 

The idea is not to be right all the time, but to make money every day.

This book is about Forex, about retail trading, and is fine-tuned to EUR/USD. I shall show you the 3 genders of hedging and my implementations.

I will teach you about the market models I’m using.

I will help to start making EAs on MT4, to be able to exploit edges and to manage open trades.

About the Author

My trading venture started with opening an ING account back in 2009. I started with buying and holding NASDAQ / technology stocks. I was trading UNG for a period of time (and learnt of contango this way). Soon after I opened a TD Ameritrade account, and qualified for LEVEL2 trading. I was trading S&P futures, and moved on to triple leveraged ETFs of the RUSSELL 2000.

In 2010, my “stock trading” resulted me wanting to lose the burden of the Wash Sale Rule, and switched my accounting method to Mark to Market. I bought and sold $18 million (face value) that year using my own money with the two main accounts.

I had one options account that I used to trade weekly options with.

I only paid for two subscriptions in my life. One was a stock picker service, the other was Options Line Backer (iron condors).

I started developing my own indicators on ThinkOrSwim basically as soon as I had it – in 2009.

I moved to Europe in 2013. I got caught up in the Forex mania almost immediately.

One broker I knew personally started me down the path of developing on MT4. 

One hedge fund had me on their trading floor the next year. I met some people wanting “grey boxes and black boxes”. I tried a few brokers.

I started writing automated routines in the summer of 2016.

About this Book

The objective of this book is to provide the retail person with enough knowledge and examples about the reality of trading and to ultimately encourage them into wanting to find their own path of developing automated routines.

I intend to hand out the keys to the right thinking as well as to the understanding of how to do things.

A different disclaimer

Trading is the hardest thing I have ever encountered. It is a never ending challenge, where you cannot stop standing on your tip toes. It is a love at first sight and a struggle for life.

I am looking for people with similar thinking, similar intentions for a joint venture.

©2019 by Achilles Dent