The Book Is Out!

The book is out, my truth is out.

This is the essence of what 10 years of trading, 6 years of Forex trading, 9 years of indicator making and 3 years of heavy duty automated-trading-routines-development and testing has yielded me.

Plus the core question that has occupied most of my brain capacity all along.

“How much is there to know about trading”?

I was prepared to make changes, to reconsider or even to start from scratch, whatever it would take to find answers.

I found my way, my path. There is simply nothing like I have built out there, and this comes as no surprise knowing my commitment, the sacrifices I have brought.

My life’s work for 18.5 cents a page. A free starter kit of indicators for anyone willing to read from me, to learn from what I have got to teach.

You are gonna love the way you come to, I guarantee it! (Macdulio’s Warehouse)

To make a purchase simply send your payment to one of the following email addresses:

If you wish to pay in US Dollars ($25), Paypal me to

If you wish to pay in GBP (£20), Paypal me to

You shall receive the Word Document file via email along with the starter package of indicators:

BetterVolumeChartBars, Fractals Modified, Comfort Levels 4H, LEMA 30N, ATR Limit CI, 15-min ATR Targets, Projected Distance & Projected Distance Lines Fitted and I would include the Dojis as well in this package plus the Broker Auditor.

Like I promised, this would be the best spent 20 Pound note in your life.