Tell-Tail of the Ending Wave

The following images would show you something tuned from impossible to possible.

In descriptive language for those who can code – to find the red tails / final burns:

You are looking for a 2 to 4 30-minute candle sequence in a wave 5.

A Wave 5 start falls short from Mr. Maroon (E-135/30 min), and the Water Line (E-16/hourly) is in the direction of the Wave 5 relative to Mr. Maroon.

Filters: last 10 opposing wicks all falling short from the E-16.

The 7-sample fractal energy readings are filtered with a section.

See, how simple this is?

The black, terminal wave doji projection lines are made with 1/2 fluctuation size displacement with the right configuration from dojis that have their wicks falling short of E-16 by at least 2 pips.

…a tiny bit of modification after press hours:

I was reluctant to acknowledge 2 bars as final burn; it seemed too fast, too eager and it even crossed a black line – the market wanted lower still.

I downgraded the two-bars tail to orangered, so that the right one may shine over.