PKTE Reversal / No Break Extension

I’m going to make one last attempt at trying to explain how an extension / terminal move is made during peak trending conditions.

The image below shows two different shaded rectangles.

During peak trending, if an exhaustion is made, the trend turns on itself and reverses. The PKTE REVERSE texts and the crossing point of the vertical rectangle line and the horizontal red lines are highlighting the 30-minute high and the low where the 7-sample exhaustion had its relief. These axles are the mid points of the rectangles that have two equal halves, 1/2 Fluctuation size each.

When the exhaustion axle is made, one option for the price is to start wrapping around it, to recharge its energy, and in the process it may rake up additional distance in the direction of the progression, but overall it would not leave the fluctuation sized consolidation field.

This is how it is possible to make a lower low and failing to break lower at the same time.

Hence I call these moves No-Break Extensions.