Power Trading

Achilles saw that what he was doing was good and so the Power Trading was born…

The game is simple: try to make 100% gains in the fewest number of trading hours possible.

Here is a qualifier run:

First trade placed: 14/6/19 at 20:13 server time

Last trade closed: 18/6/19 at 20:04 server time

That comes to less than 48 hours since on Saturday and Sunday there was no trading.

(The first four trades placed)

Yes, I closed the last trade at a loss for the 100% target was reached.

Do you still believe in compounding? Not in Forex, I don’t.

Why? Because every dog would have its day.

By taking out the gains, you are not capping the upside, but rather, you are limiting your possible losses.

If you have a last line of defense which is a ratio hedge at about 40% equity to balance, then you may impose a rule for yourself to be calling the run a defeat and if you would liquidate all positions including the hedge, what you would end up with would be something like 50-70% of the starting capital, for most likely you would had amassed some extra balance by that time, so the actual draw down is not likely going to be 60%.

At this moment, you may proceed to start with a clean slate by topping up your margin.

Remember, the greatest asset in trading is time.

Instead of fighting a losing fight, admit defeat and start all over.

So, how long would it take for you to double the money on the account?

48 hours? 24?

We are on!