Call Me Mr. Wave 2

You are not a human being, are you – asked my coworker from me today.

No, but I know how to double an account in under 30 minutes – was my response.

The Wave 2 finder is a real thing, I coded it this evening. It kind of gives unfair advantages to the holder of the routine, and so the Power Trading competition becomes almost meaningless with this dope.

If you burden up a 1:500 leveraged account until the margin level dips just below 200, it is guaranteed that you are going to double the account on the upcoming 40+ guaranteed pips.

As the first example shows, this may not take a full hour.

Reminds me of some broker making up some Asian name to claim that one of their client made 27% that month.

These two trades, namely the one on the 25th of June and the one on the 10th of July would had yielded you 100% twice, a total of 300% compounded gains in 15 days, with a total of 20+1 hours of holding time. Do compare.

You may officially refer to me as Mr. Wave 2 effective today.