The King, the Queen and the Infantry

King is the will.
The King has found a solution: purchasing 1.12.

He wants to find a problem now – a problem that isn’t of marital but martial nature (external).

The Queen is the deed.
The Queen defied the King by going against his will.

Your bet should be that the Queen would get her way against anything the King does. Her way is the high way, the divergent way. They reconciled ultimately after the last fight, and now they are both looking forward to what lies (up) ahead.

Yet, there is also the Infantry.
They can rebel, there might be an upheaval, and with their numbers they can overpower even the Queen by the Peasants building a fortress out of divergences.

Now the Peasants are fed up with marching and started building their strong hold by the bank of the Green River.

They are weary, in a rebellious mood and want to utilize the spark zone between Mr. Maroon and the Green River to make a statement.

One possible outcome is to win the sympathy of the Queen and with her will, they can take the King on another ride. For this, a divergent higher high would be needed from the Queen for a consent.

The other possibility is to let the Peasants have their own way and show what they can do for a bit, until the Queen manages to raise a new army where she found supporters before to eradicate all progress made by the Rebellious Infantry.

The third possibility is that the Queen manages to push back the stronghold to where she herself defied the King before. Although she is made of a female, this irrational deed would be the least likely outcome, for the memory of that fight may turn the King out, and this would not be a risk worth taking.

A little literature light here for a closure.

Kings’ Cross

A letter arrived, an ultimatum. It surprised the wise old man. 
I bet this is serious now – he wondered. Vi king is about to take over our property. I have to get some help – Thin king was thinking. Later he visited Wor king. 
“I’m busy at the moment!” – he claimed. Thin king went on. Wal king wasn’t at home. He only left a message: sorry for not being here, I’ll be back sometime, I may be in the garden. What could Thin king do? He went to the garden too. He didn’t find Wal king, but a boy who was juggling with apples. 
“Hi there, I’m Star king, the son of Jonathan the third – he introduced himself. –  Want a bite?” He explained that though he had never left the apple garden, he was willing to help defend the property, and so he signed up. 
Meanwhile Vi king got help from the mighty becoming experienced veteran, Attac king. 
Things were more serious. 
Thin king and Star king sought for more potential help. 
When they met Duc king, “I have to take diving lessons today…” – he excused himself and disappeared under the waterline. 
Smo king signed up himself. “I don’t know if my lungs will hold on, but I’m willing to help.” 
“We’ll fight!” Said the three, and so they declared war. 
It turned out to be bloody, and lasting. Though Wa king sent them a message right after he’d gotten up, he never arrived. Smo king died by senile decay. Thin king followed him: he died of old age. 
Star king could barely hold on himself, but certain sounds just in time brought him hope. The noisy Knoc king arrived accompanied by Hac king, who had just arrived back from the mountains and had picked up Hi king on his way back home, who was hitch-hiking by the road. So now there were four kings on the right side. 
“Poker!” – they said. And so they won. 
The happy ending of the story is the party the Queen of Hearts gave them, as her personal gift for defending the property. But the last dance was given away – how sad – to Roc king. 

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