Not sure about the audience of things like these, but this is how I look at charts.

The previous up move ended in a DDIU + a thrust up

SU was the actual thrust of the DDIU registering higher than the previous one.
The move started from the other side of Mr. Maroon 4H.
The thrust’s end point fell short of the DDIU high – relative weakness.

The current down move started with a DDID + thrust down = wave 1

DDID was brief, thrust came soon after – the yellow divergence resulted in a slight undercut cca 2 pips.

…and ended with a DDID + thrust down = wave 3

this undercut made it to 25 pips ~= 3/4 fluctuation size


RSI2[i]<95 && RSI2[i+1]>98 && RSI2[i+2]>98 && RSI2[i+3]>98


RSI2[i]>5 && RSI2[i+1]<2 && RSI2[i+2]<2 && RSI2[i+3]<2

SDU stands for screw driver up, SDD: screw driver down

(they come with their own thrusts as well normally)