Wave Notes Update

Where are you in the wave structure?

And where are the Market Makers at?

Wave 1 has the approval of the market makers: it takes out Mr. Maroon (or the closer end of it at the very least).
If the sound barrier gets mildly violated, the wave went too far.
Wave 2 is the trickle back through Mr. Maroon for the Market Makers to ditch counter positions. Scale in for a wave 3 starting at a Hourly RSI2 extreme. 4H sup / res can also give a clue.
Wave 3 correct the target to beyond daily fuel limit, beyond the guard rail, find the next MM level / daily resistance confluence. Let the trail stop do its thing: wide start (3 & .3).

If on a wave 1 move the sound barrier gets taken out, the next support level would be the daily fuel limit.
If a sound barrier gets taken out by more than 6 pips, you are looking at the end of a Wave 3 and you can calculate a 16 or 26 pips failure for the end point of Wave 5.

Wave 3 would likely be made of 5 sub waves, on the Hourly, look for Whoop, Bam and Boogie. Remember the relationship between Bam and Boogie.
The failed break outs would either happen at 4 pips, 16 pips or 26 pips.
Wave 5 of Wave 3 would likely start from beyond the E16, so a God Almighty print may appear.

Wave 5 of Wave 3 would end in minimum a 15-minute RSI2 divergence.

Wave 4 might go as deep as trampling into Wave 1, but for the most part the spark zone would be enough to launch Wave 5.
Wave 4, the ambitious may go oversold twice before wave 5 would kick in.