Exhaustion / Beat

You know it from me: Exhaustion + Beat = Reversal

You do want to ignore exhaustions in the kill zone i.e. 80% of the Upper Guard Rail to Lower Guard Rail (both in Chartreuse) zone – this is where price may get a kick from the Market Makers, and the commute may be quick for there is zero stretch from the Mean.

The grayed out numbers kind of mean the opposite of what they say (at least until back to the Mean that is (in Lime)) – sorry for the double bracket, it’s a programmer’s handicap

A lot of these exhaustions are happening in the direction of the progression, thus although the locations are great, the potential may be limited. 25 pips – 34 any time, 60 pips to back to the Green River – sometimes.

The exhaustions counter the direction of the progression can give you a lot more, you can aim for 60, 80, 120 and sometimes even more.

I have switched to 8-sample CI silently. These plots are now incorporated in the RSI2 Hedge routine.

The ink would be dried on this current exhaustion prompt in another 15 minutes, for I am looking for 1 hour’s worth of it.

It has 15 more minutes to push out the values for capturing the beat.

Chronometer is what you need for trading, plus this RSI2 Hedge routine (besides the LEMA 30N).

The Hourly Buy/Beat and Sell/Beat values? They are still there

No fill is better than a bad fill

The new consolidation printed the new navy+white line

If you left the order on the left out, that one could had been the ticket to participation (1.0812)

played around with the filters a bit, for this is what I thrive on: logical expressions

found something interesting

the previous correction had 6 downside exhaustions with 20-sample lower lows

& so did the recent one.

Frankly, I’m not expecting any more downside here until a full consolidation.