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Hi Mac
Is it going to be a reversal?

Upper reversal stands for the bottom of the reversal zone (85%-95%) – price is making a turn in the overbought zone in this field. Above 95% odds are a new high, coming back below 85% – odds are losing the overbought status. The largest moves happen out of losing overbought / oversold.
Target 1: median at 50%

Target 2: the opposite end (overbought -> oversold)
You are definitely looking at the right chart
Fresh overbought/ oversold is toxic, would get rejected out of the zone

After 3 daily closes inside the overbought/oversold field price is “embedded” and higher highs / lower lows are guaranteed => overbought / oversold safety

by no beat I mean not one visible on the Daily chart
Beat by 21.5 pips

This is a break down, better get out of those longs.

Something I can’t explain: same account, same broker, same MT4, same instrument, same data, yet my Tosiba Laptop puts a vertical powder blue on the previous block too, how do the same calculations end up with opposite results?