The Crack Ho

Once upon a time, not long ago…

If you want to be become a miionaire, you should start by studying the behavior of a crack ho. Ho-ho-ho! No kidding.

She is known as 60-sample hourly stochastic D, and she has 3 delay & 3 smoothing.

On the image below you can see the C.H. cracking below 45 – thus a new lower range gets cracked open.

The bottom crack is shown by the lady in black.

On the image below you can see C.H. cracking above 55 and diverting traffic back into the upper range.

The image below shows the bottom cracking wide open again.

This guardian angel provides a money back guarantee service until she gets called into dance – and she tends to put up not much resistance, like a hooker that is hooked on… crack.

Smaller than 3: satisfied customer


You mean the Minimum/Target (of the cat B. buy signal) was at 1.1811 & price only went to 1.1808?

I better get good at this and fast!