How Far Can You Go?

Checklist with 6 components.

  1. Extension Fill – the last projected distance was made at 1.1972 as shown by the Projected Distance 240

Near Misses

2. The most recent maximum stretch was at 3.6x, this run has scored 3.37 so far on the Stretch Marker

3. Attack on the overdrive line. Price has already managed to score an overbought reading at 90%+ of the E-32 Channel – shown by the latest version of the Stochastic Bars Mixed

4. The Dynamic version of the Energy Bands (CI Moat) show a close call to the water filled area that is starting at 1.20131 the previous run up also missed it, by 7 pips

Additional numeral checks

5. Level of 4H exhaustion – you want to see a print below 38 on the 7-sample CI reading – currently at 35.38 ✓

6. Psychological number? 1.20 in this case, a rather round one – may or may not be reached, but you can expect at least from price to give it a good try.

Final advice:

Keep an eye out for Continuation divergences – here shown by the RSI2 Basic, for that is where the new attacks come out of.

bonus image:

the relationship between wave 3 and wave 5 of Wave 3 and the relationship between Wave 3 and Wave 5