Who Won? – The Market Decides

Remember the clash where the market went seemingly nuts over an epic Powell speech?

Pay attention to who had the upper hand (Drive) going into it, and what happened after the No Drive print on the bottom?

To be on the safe side, you can always plot Mr. Maroon to find the Wave 2, for Wave 2s come back through it.

Is it possible that the tiny slant back up was a Wave 2 yet again? Possible, for sure, but for the purposes of this article, what I wanted to show you was the run up of Driven-Driven-Driven-Driven-Driven-Thrust that came out of the No Drive print.

Now, there was another ND, and a paradigm shift happened when it got overrun, and if would be reasonable to think that the new wave structure would be coming out of this event.

Looks like you don’t have to decide after all. You just need to obtain a copy of my RSI2 Basic.