Conserving and Concentrating Your Energy

Time is money, and energy is timing.

I have put out plenty of literature about Energies, so I’m not going into discussing in detail why the best interaction location is an anticipation of a beat.

The exhaustion-beat-break loop can be disconnected with the lowest possible risk between the beat and the break, thus your to do list should start with

  1. Identifying 4H energy exhaustions
Below: full charge for later

2. Anticipating a beat & scaling in

The gray vertical lines are the beats. They should appear within 6x 4H candle prints. Notice the full charge on the CI before breaking the bisque exhaustion high. On the way down the teal exhaustion received two consequitive beats, but this is what the scaling out was invented for – 38 pips lower you are still opening positions.

make up your mind on your maximum invested size

with size conscience brace for a maximum 45 pips beat

slice up your maximum size to 4 chunks; put your pending orders out starting at 8 pips, 16 pips, 26 pips and 36 pips

Exhaustion beat ticker for the move back from the beat low to 2x 38 pips higher.

use a counter-hedge 55 pips out

you may want to put more weight on the 16 and 26 pips locations, and if you want to be aggressive, you may start at 4 pips

if you ever wondered about what automatisation would come in handy for in trading is this: quick actions, calculations, multiple changes at mimimum time

think how you as a human could manage this event of a beat with unknown ultimate length wanting to maximise your potential for the expected turn around

after the time has spent some time beyond the exhaustion level, and comes back through it, you could pick up the remainder of your maximum size whilst simultaneously deleting the pending limit orders and moving your hedge level closer

3. Managing your trade

aim for the likely move 2 fluctuation maximum away, but be proactive enough to apply a protective, in the money stop loss upon hitting 1 fluctuation maximum and / or lighten up on the holdings

& you may find yourself noticing that breaks that materialize are preceded by full charge in the energy, and you would be absolutely right: disturbance in the force should be straightened out first before a new dawn awakens in the same direction

& now I would like to sell this francishe for $5 billion, because I am industrial, I travel light and I watch a lot of magic

once I drove by George Lucas in Richmond, and once a Jaguar XJS that was previously owned by Steve Wozniak was in my possession witph his Los Gatos address on the paperwork – the speaker grills were made to Apple logos

Bonus Wells Fargo calendar

…bonus Profit Factor snapshot for Aug, 2020 plus these 5 days

…only had time today to live up to yesterday’s promises…

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