Aleš’s Lessons #17 – Bee Gees & Fugees

Let’s re-invent the thrill!

What is the number one concern for your trading account?

Stayin’ Alive!

If you could have only one indicator to make decisions about where to open a trade, what would it be?

Choppiness-Mac, that’s right.

Ready or not, here I come!

  1. The 1x fade got a plot correction based on the Fugees “one time” count.

20 pips into the overbought / oversold field you can bet on the back test of the current consolidation range’s overbought / oversold level, and a certain 20-pips move is nothing to sneeze at when the certainty is high. Scaling / adding to the position moving further against you is advised, for the first penetration into the overbought / oversold would get rejected back. Do not try to go in at the same level again.

2. The new yellow highlights are to call attention to the Quick Picks / Lucky Dips depending on which country you are calling from. Now with added T>arget prices.

3. The full consolidation targets that are highlighted on the bottom, you are already familiar with.

Don’t forget to apply protective stop losses when in gains.

You would no longer have to feel like J. P. Gaultier wishing for a trading idea.

Projected distance – speaks of the fractal nature of a wave structure – patented to my name

This move has performed what it had promised