Elon & Melon

Warning! Off topic entry! Read it only if you speak British and your nerves are made of aluminium or if you speak American and your nerves are made of aluminum.

Elon Musk and Melon Husk were born in the early seventies.
They both were exceptionally bright kids.
Then they both had to wrestle their father to the ground to stop that drunkard animal from being able to apply the knife blade that was cast inside a large thigh bone on various family members.
“You are not my son!” – was the cue, and so they found themselves having to pay for their accommodation and trying to make money on the streets at the age of 17. We skip out on the 12 years of vegetarianism and only vaguely mention the influence of Douglas Adams, who triggered the 42 mania and contributed to humanity the “Don’t Panic” attitude. Melon went all out and ended up translating most of his books – no, not to Afrikaans.
Both guys ended up in California. They both got married at least once and had at least one kid of a gender. They both understood that hyperloop would never work under any circumstances, but Elon had to first see thousands of attempts fail before having to re-purpose the underground tunnels he already started digging.
At the age of 37 they both had a net worth of at least $265,000 and by the age of 40, they both had at least £17 to their names. They ultimately had to leave the USA due to an expiring visa. Actually, the two stories differ a bit from here on.
Financial success in life does not have to do with the level of intelligence.
First and foremost it hinges on one’s personality, then on who they know, the authority to act and sheer luck.
I wish you a bunch.

I wanted to insert here the picture of Jules Verne’s (Verne Gyula) moon shuttle that I took in Washington D.C., but could not find it.

Here’s the book cover of the Plague From Space by Harry Harrison instead.

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