Homework Wars

You submitted the following image for a long entry:

The 4-hour bar was picked correctly, but what is important here is the horizontal level, the blue diamonds representing the overbought. The high charge and the 8EMA alignment are important, but crossing back above the overbought neckline is the confirmation / trigger. Below that you are jumping the gun.

To show how the No Drive root results in 5D+T from recent history this was the right image, well done!

As a remark, just as No Drive has a 15/20 pips moratorium depending on comfort overbought/oversold or not, the Thrust also has this feature (20/36 pips – the blow off would prosuce that), and can happen multiple times with some offset before the settlement is final. The actual top came in at 1.21749 cca 36 pips above the 2nd thrust – no surprise.

Now, let’s talk about why 94 won’t be like 94.

RSI2 Zero+ comes with these plots that are based on the Crack Ho (60,3,3) STOCH D.

The first guest appearance of 94 resulted in a gear shift (W) and an ABC move down (shown by the dots on the 12-sample bracket).

This was a correction – to warm up to the subject. The following image is to show that when you get back to back 94 readings, every second one would result in a pullback that normally ends between the E16 in blue and the E32 in yellow, but does not exceed them by much. Find the pullback between the 2 corrections!

The next sequence accordingly should be: pull back, correction, pull back.

But what happens when the next 94 won’t be 94, but a 98? No correction for one, and a blow off top with a divergence back down to 94.

I swear I am not a Star Wars geek, I just got lost in the rabbit hole of figuring a funny name for a trafing firm: Darth Fader Corp would be basing its trading on a Fade in the Starts and beyond and could have a company logo of a stylized tie fighter.

found this 30+ years old drawing… so maybe I was.

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