Warriors of the Mangled Wasteland

– in continuation to the Driven Thrusts articles

I’ve been calling the W a gear shift, but really what I meant with the actual location was pressing the clutch.

All of the subsequent conditions require the market having seen a “T” or thrust in the last 3 to 4 hours.

Exhibit A

A drive is RSI overbought / oversold for more than 2 hours and has reached velocity (separated well enough from the core MAs).

Let’s see how that one played out:

Exhibit B

The opposite side is the latest addition. The text plots change based on being in the comfort overbought or not. Here the bulls have the upper hand, so no 40 pips slack, merely E-16 in play.

Exhibit C

The total pullback on the first W was 53 pips, so that would mean 13 pips draw down on the 40-pip entry and 20-pips draw down on the E-16 entry. Could you have added more? Certainly, while W-s keep popping up it is safe to buy the pullback, all the way until…

Exhibit D

…until a serious Thrust in technicolor: this time it is different.

As you know the Wave 3 – Wave 5 beat projection was trumped by the freshly printed new, ND (No Drive root).

Exhibit E

Things are running red hot. There were 2 discharges above the Overdrive line. Can you be still trusting the clutch?

Yes we can! No change!

( I have changed the color to RedOrange since, Crimson on Crimson wasn’t the best color combination.)

Exhibit F

One more time a Clutch press and a 43-pips pullback for a higher high after a blow off top? Retest, yes. All in order. Currently the market is tempering with the No Drive’s break level. What a tease!

A Mangled buy (meaning a continuation sell) would require a move back up to E-16.

W is a new 12-sample high without follow through with a thrust bar 3 or 4 samples earlier.

if (i>0 && High[i]>(iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0, MODE_HIGH,12,i+1))) && High[i-1] iMA(symbol,0,67,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_LOW,i)-120*Point){
           if (tup[i+3] || tup[i+4]){


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