Considerable Events #2

What happens after the Crack Ho hits below 9.4?

There are 4 different outcomes.

The least likely is a continued selling (blow off move below 2) without a qualifying pull back – a desperate move & somewhat counter productive if you are a bear, for it triggers a 3-point reversal.

The most likely event is a conter-weight move especially if you are at the overbought end of the spectrum: a Cooper test run that ends when the Crack No hits 94.

The second most likely event is a correction: this looks like a plateau-break, plateau-fade event on the 12-sample bracket.

The fourth, still possible event is a pullback to the E-16, yet not much further than the E-32 before a new lower low print.

The Crack Ho hit above 94. Your turn.

The hint: averaging $33 a day starting on an account balance of $1,435 (on the 30th of July), 2020 is a 2.3% gain daily. If I keep this up, that would mean 575% yearly. My goal is to reach 1000% gains by “my fiscal year’s end”.