The Wick That Does The Trick

30 min and I used to be dating a lot in the past, so it is a candid reunion now that I found some fitting OrangeRed jewellery for her.

First grasp the concept of a buy/sell signal, the presence of a moratorium field and the dynamics of relapse / progression.

No, this won’t work well on the hourly.

Now do some practice on the following snapshots & appreciate the beauty.

Good, you have just realized that you need some inaction to process the action, meaning back to back candle prints trump each other.

More like this then:

After adjusting your clock watch to every 30 minutes, there is now also a time delay placed in your head: certainty comes 31 minutes after an orange wick, but the LEMA30 NSX can help you overcome this window by providing with the right moving averages and the fluctuation maximum grid.

Your last exercise for the day:

Homework is to finish the code:

 if (Close[i]>Open[i] && High[i]-Close[i]>(High[i]-Low[i])/3.7 && (High[i]-Close[i])>38*Point) {yellow[i]=High[i]; orange[i]=Close[i]; yellow2[i]=High[i]+90*Point; orange2[i]=High[i]+100*Point;}