Darth Fader V1.0

Just a chirstmas backtest update for Mr. Fader’s Laser Bird.

The first visible conclusion is that the rise of the Wolfram thread has exceeded the expected trajectory a bit.

The second conclusion – which might come as a surprise – is that Darth Fader does not favor any side, he is fair and balanced between the dark side and the other one.

There is no 3rd conclusion. Happy Holidays!

bool incline = (E16[6]>E16[10] && E16[10]>E16[20]);
bool decline = (E16[6]<E16[10] && E16[10]<E16[20]);

// Buys
if (longsz>0 && incline && Low[0]<e16d[0] && Low[2]>e16d[2] && Low[1]>e16d[1] && iClose(symbol,15,1)<e16d[0] && iClose(symbol,15,2)>e16d[0]
&& iHigh(symbol,1440,0)<iHigh(symbol,1440,iHighest(symbol,1440,MODE_HIGH,23,1))

// Sells
if (shortsz>0 && decline && High[0]>e16u[0] && High[1]<e16u[1] && High[2]<e16u[2] && iClose(symbol,15,1)>e16u[0] && iClose(symbol,15,2)<e16u[0]

After plugging the sword into an 800V architecture, the Emperor’s naked hedge produced enough money for new clothes.

Plus a little anecdote, that does not really work in writing:

– Why did you name your company Spring-board?

– ‘Casuse it was Spring, and I was bored.