Irrational Fears

My own Devil Dog.

To overcome this, I need to gain a deeper understanding of the exits and the prompting conditions as well.

On Monday, there were 3 long entries. Since I am short at all times, these longs would had been risk free, so by the way of “getting stuck with longs due to a black swan” I passed on these entries. Knowing the exits I missed out on a potential 1k on the first entry which was a buy below the E-16 stretch, and an easy 3K on the at market buy at the E-32 stretch (aka) overdrive line. The fact that the upper E-16 channel line was neutral (in blue) and the bottom one green (promoted side)

There was a 3rd entry, the cyan box on the hourly RSI2, which I did take, but not being conscious of the exit, I got out prematurely – overall this did contribute to the daily gain of $176.70 at least a third.

This trade I call the numbers trade, and they are good till a red number prints (I even have modified the stop loss EA to have a cropper at the red numbers). There was an 82+ print which would had been the perfect entry, so all I had to do was put 0.99 “Numbers Target Code” for the stop loss of the longs and the exit would had been automatic.

The hedge trade that I did not take on Tuesday was a Shape / Continuation / Maroon Fake Out trade for a higher high. 1K not banked this time.

Wednesday’s not taken trade was the E-16 stretch again, although the exit is more like E16+ “stop loss code 0.5” (instead of E-32+ “stop loss code 0.6”) by now for the configuration is not as bullish with Mr. Maroon dipping below the upper guard rail. The promoted green color is tied to Mr. Maroon being above the Green River -> looking like it is about to change.

$800 was missed out on. These figures were calculated with 1:1 hedging, with overhedging could had been 1.2-2x that.

My God Awesome V1.7 indicator had different terminal wave and ending move plots in black and purple, and I probably should start using these plots again for extra confidence.

This last image shows Mr. Maroon dipping inside the Guard Rails (Chartreuse) and preparing to cross over the Green River.