Correctional Memory

(for myself)

A long pullback is a 26-sample higher low (30min) that dips below the E-32 by more than 2 pips. It has the potential for prolonged continuation, but it at least should take back the price to the safety level (0.28). Use 0.28 cropper code for a quick in & out.

The risk of a pullback is that it can be turned into a deeper correction and such it has a draw down potential of a fluctuation maximum (cca 38 pips).

A correction takes price back to a previous resistance area to set up a stochastic divergence. Crack Ho discretion is advised, plotting support / resistance can help. Monitoring is advised.

This one had a draw down of 12 pips from the higher low.

This one presented 2 different opportunities if you were not in time to ride out the first.

Deep forestation correction can take a while to play out. Crack Ho is a tease.

This one put a divergence beyond the 98+ read (not a guarantee).

This one got choked at the safety net (was lousy to enter too). Conclusion: use a trail stop, fear the number 0.28! Use 0.94 or 0.98 cropper code, but watch out for the rejection at the safety.

Extra Deep Correction. This one made it to 0.49… 0.47 is the E-16 channel watched by the shaded eye of Darth Fader.

This one made it to 0.46 and was tickling 0.45 from then on.

Xtra Deep Correction. The tricky one to take, for it may do a K2Pi first. Loop is in the name for a reason. Since it is coming from deeper than an Extra, it is expected to fizzle out somewhere between the safety (0.28) and 0.45. Use 0.28 cropper code to finish itself off.