Terminal Sequence

First, let’s show 2 examples on the left for a continuation divergence where you had to get in at market –

…and 2 examples on the right where the momentum carried the price a smidge further and you had to get in at above the hourly highs.

Now, what happened after the two on the left: there was a Maroon Fake-out with a flat nosed RSI print in the overbought. Let’s call it a single Zero (a possible start of a new wave).

The two terminal sequences on the second image are the 0-10-0 and the 0-0-2.

The “10” was a 10-pip beat, the “2” was a 2-pip beat. What is important here is the two zeros and a beat as a group of 3.

This was all I wanted to say today (prof. out).