Handbuch Für The Zone

so I have this image on my shelf that explains a lot of things

but to be more graphic, I decided to ditch the numbers for pictograms, like so:

this was to have less numbers on the screen and more action

the music is played by the Holy Graph for the preferred side, as usual

& the pictures mean to say instead of one-two-three, one-two-three:


#1 – Prize match. Pay attention if that’s the pteferred color, your two and a half hour selling/ buying may present you with a prize worth playing for.


#3 – I wanna swing (from the chandellier) aka Natalie’s portal.

When Golf’s up, at the top of the hour it is time to swing with the ball, right then and there.

Once you have the timing right, the only thing left to ask is:

  • – And you, what would you do for profits?

Choose your size accordingly.

Apologies for not being able to communicate things as a normal human being, this is my coping mechanism for the unbearable lightness of living.

3D Gonzalez:

Push it highlights the primary and secondary waves helping you to concentrate on the furthest closes for an exit.