You Heard it Here

All trading starts and ends with volatility.

There are only 3 4 things that would make the market change direction.

  1. Stretch failure aka Send Function. The market can fail 28+, 38+ or 48+ pips away from E-32.

2. Sequence failure aka stochastic bars arrhythmia aka Faith Healer / Healer Jr.. The market can fail due to a missing beat, evey time. A fluctuation-size moratorium field is to be granted for a completion of the turn.

3. Market maker intervention aka Maroon fake out. This is how a Wave 2 is kept to a size by MMs whacking back price beyond the E-67 band.

4. The Green River can capture price volatility like a black hole, so turns can take place around it*

The picture shows a Maroon Fake Out changing the market direction down on the Holy Graph, then the ideal short exits with the two smaller red cubes while the Send function flips the market back up. From then on the large green box with the medium red are accumulation zones.

The first obstacle was the accurately calculated R1. This was an overheat, and the market dropped quite a bit, yet the direction is still up.

What do you think, would the MMs make this into a Wave 2?

You can ALWAYS turn to the RSI2 Basic for direction confirmation with its purple liquidity break highlights = wrong direction as well as to its W prints for timing exits: you should see a higher high. Oh, and the Crack Ho is above 50.

The Grand Exits near the overdrive lines do not turn the market direction around by themselves.

A gap by itself does not make the market change direction.

Anticipation (of a market direction-turn) is the Bob da Groot of all evil premature actions.

Taking someone’s future wife to work is bride sharing.

Every time

Of course it does not hurt to check the S1 going into the day on the Comfort Levels.

What do you see? An M-A or a 1-2-3-4-5 – A-B-C?


*now included in the H.G.