Catcher in the Knife

Before we start, let’s commemorate the fact that the Holy Graph is now equipped to plot Channeling Epicentres. 3 images to start salivating.

A remark about Trader Tom here: he is a poker player that bluffs a lot. He plays every move like it was a channeling one, although he does not know what that means, because he does not acknowledge indicators (besides the few he mentions).
if (i>6 && High[i]>Close[i+1]+20*Point && High[i-6]<E16[i-6]-50*Point && High[i-5]<E16[i-5]-50*Point && High[i-4]<E16[i-4]-50*Point && High[i-3]<E16[i-3]-80*Point && High[i-2]<E16[i-2]-80*Point && High[i-1]<E16[i-1]-80*Point && High[i]<E16[i]-80*Point
   && Close[i+6]>E16[i+6]-250*Point && Close[i+7]>E16[i+7]-250*Point && Close[i+8]>E16[i+8]-250*Point && Close[i+9]>E16[i+9]-250*Point && Close[i+10]>E16[i+10]-180*Point && Close[i+11]>E16[i+11]-100*Point 
   && Close[i+12]>E16[i+12] && Close[i+13]>E16[i+13]-100*Point && Close[i+14]>E16[i+14]-100*Point 

This was important to note because Channeling is the key to sustainable buying / selling. Once it kicks in, it is quite hard to stop it. It does feel like catching a falling knife at times. This gave me an idea. What if you, Mr. Anderson could bend over backwards and grab the sharps inside the cloud of slugs?!

All we are saying – figlia mia – that we are all catchers of the knife in the rye in the wind.* Just juggling with you!

A Neo idea is utilizing my R.O.C. as a filter


C stands for strange? That’s strange. (Screwed with this poet that lives inside my head.)

Most of the indicator of course only exists in theory, somewhere in my cloudy meatball brain. I just could not contain my excitement.

The Primary sell was faced with a newly printed Tough Cookie level. The next one up is around 1.2050 until another one gets printed in between. The ABC printed on the Aiken Hasi was right on cue this time.

The NeoPolitan moment on the above chart was the gray cloud with the slugs. That’s where the knife had no edge against this expression:

if (Low[i]<E16[i]-280*Point && Low[i]>E16[i]-310*Point && E16[i]<=iMA(symbol,60,207,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_LOW,i)-FMax*14*Point && ExtMapBuffer2[i]==EMPTY_VALUE &&  roc[ArrayMinimum(roc,3,i)]>roc[ArrayMinimum(roc,17,i+4)]   && iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,4,i))<iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,17,i+4))) E16D[i]=E16[i]-300*Point;

So, what do you do if you find a knife suspended in mid air? Do what you normally would: put it back inside the Green River. Killer! (Or at least that’s what somebody told me).

By the way, this immediately explains the origination of the expression “fallen out of bed” – of course they mean the River Bed. (…of Roses – Violins are Green).

Research material:

  • * Boycotting Elton at this point. He’s too successful for his own good. May opt to put up some Gombay Dance Band (first foreign band that I ever attended a concert of).