Moonlight Minuet

Now that I am permanently stationed on the Moon, you can expect this entry to be every bit as tactical and impractical as all the others were.

To lead up the subject of understanding the market, the first thing to say is when you feel like you are 2 steps behind, you are a 100 mile stones behind, what feels like 1 step late is 10 mile stones away and you may never make it if can’t make the next move before the market does.

See I’ve been trying to catch up with this 6 weeks long polarised barreling move in the Eur/Usd. There are plenty of open questions associated with channeling. Starting is easy to spot. Where does it end?

It comes as a surprise, that a channeling move seems to be only able to terminate in a leg 6 or a leg 9.

Leg 6 is easier to digest: the counter directional volatility has to increase to the point of taking back price beyond the E-89, at which point the scale may be tipped over resulting in a move that falls shy of the outer limit. In the case shown below leg 7 starts with a higher high and ends with a higher low – reversing the direction completely.

What is the story with leg 9? Leg 9 may be a terminal as well utilising every drop of the increased volatility, it is designed to be able to land a pod after the 2nd, sometimes the 3rd fractal, but the extended time play may end up triggering additional seismic activity which would start a new count up sequence. The blast off is a sure fire when the leg 9’s outer limit gets crossed over.

My way of making a list of daily levels of course is coming from the 7- sample choppiness reaching for a sexually transmitted STandard Deviation breach.

Good old CI keeps on breaching & plotting those tomato and chartreuse levels.

What if the market is not in tracking, but mapping mode or values are outside the maximum sample size?

My answer to that are the gray markers. You want to see price away from the mean by at least 2 fluctuation maximums. You want the leg to accomplish a swing length of 50 pips+.

What does SCF! stand for? It’s ok, I want you to regret asking questions. It stands for Surprise CockFags!

On the image below the moonpig had no space for mopping – errr I mean, the Orion had no runway to land on the Moon, Mr. McLane. You can almost hear the moon patrol’s warning: pull out!

The first gray block gets the move going the second finishes it. In reality the previous, higher fractal is what matters, but I have only rudimentary filters for now.

One more image to show the breathe in, breathe out effect.

Note that the Eagle failed to land on the Orion after the breathe in: there was no landing made, unlike the breathe out, which made a helipad.

Son of a barrel of a gun! I screwed up the leg count in my 7,8,9 Rule entry. I thought that leg 6 stayed inside the barrel. Nope, there was a misfire first.

The cover 1/2 short low was the beginning of leg 6, not 7.

Faith healer at your service.

& that’s all I could manage at work today.